Understanding Reviews of Slots Sites 2020 & The Language Used

Much like any industry, there is a lot of jargon used that you may not understand. This happens especially in the reviews, as often it is experienced players that use them. However, we do not think this is fair. Therefore, we want to help any new players to reviews of slots sites understand the terms that you often hear said. This will prepare you for any new reviews of slots sites 2020 that you come across.

With the casino industry constantly changing, then so does the language used. This may be one of the things that stop you from signing up to a casino, as you don’t fully understand what they are saying. However, online casinos try and keep things as simple to understand as possible. Most of the jargon you will encounter is on the casino reviews offered.

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Many review sites are used by existing players who already know the market and exactly what to expect. But when you are not experienced, you may become confused when you come across terms such as:

  • RTP
  • Wagering Requirements
  • 5×3 Layout
  • Coins/Tokens
  • Pay Lines

Preparing You For New Reviews of Slots Sites 2020

Getting straight to the point, RTP. This stands for a return to player and is often misconceived. This is because it is shown as a percentage. Many people think this is the percentage of winnings from their overall play. However, this is wrong. This is in fact your chance of winning per spin. When you think of it like this, it explains why online slot games payout so often. This is closely tied to Pay lines. The more pay lines a game has, the greater your chances of landing a winning combination. This kind of information is only available to see in reviews.

Know The Language Used in the Casino Industry

The 5×3 layout is a term that represents the size of the games play interface. Using this example means the total number of icon in play falls in a rectangle with 5 across the bottom and 3 lines. This is a typical set up for slot games, however, you may find a game that offers you a bigger layout. This all depends on the kind of game the developer has made.

Wagering Requirements is a slightly more complicated term. This relates to if you have taken part in a promotion offered by the online casino. They will set a wagering requirement, therefore, winnings you get from the promotion will be subject to them. You will have to wager your winnings the number of times they require. Then any winnings you receive should be able to be withdrawn. There are some online casinos out there that do not have wagering requirements attached to their promotions. Keep your eye out for these.

Getting to Know The Lingo When Playing

You would think that when playing at online slot games, you would just use your balance. However, this is not the case. Most slot games use a token system which is very simple. For example, if one coin or token is 10p but you want to place 5 coins on 5 lines for this spin. The total that spin would cost you is 25 coins which are equal to £2.50 per spin.